You're So Sensitive! πŸ™„


If I had a $ for every time someone told me to "stop being so sensitive" during my lifetime.

Let’s just say, I’d be paying people to ghost-write this blog for me, or to at least edit the mistakes out of it🀣🀣!

Jokes aside, it’s been a recurring theme, and - I can’t deny, sometimes I have been seriously over-reacting to situations, and can look back and completely see where the person was coming from. 


My high sensitivity is actually a bit of a superpower, and I’m very proud of it, so I get quite defensive of it. It’s almost like another personality (I have a few, as those who know me well would agree - many had no clue I was an introvert in my party years!😈🀘🎸), and she has helped me avoid making some pretty bad decisions in my life by putting up the red flags and blowing sirens in my ears!

So when she tells me to jump, I can tend to ask how high, without question. My trust is that strong. The fight or flight response that my body has to certain situations can sometimes be set off by triggers from past experience, and may in fact be incorrect for the current scenario, but I’d rather be wrong and be called too sensitive, than do the wrong thing and get myself into a bad situation. 

I’ve ignored her in the past. 

A few times. 

She was right. 

And it wasn’t worth it. 

So call me too sensitive, call me whatever makes you feel comfortable - I like my superpower alter ego. I call her Often. πŸ˜‰


I'd like to end this short blog-post by making it clear that neither Mr Extrovert nor Master Extrovert were in any way responsible for todays blog topic choice, as tempting as it might be to assume that, because yes they have done, just not on this particular occasion! 🀣
I did in fact write today's title a number of weeks ago, in response to an article I read on LinkedIn (where I spend far too much of my week), and I frowned and growled at my screen a lot
🀨, then wrote the title of this blog, with a promise to return later.
So here I am. I don't think I'm finished with this topic yet, but I wanted to at least begin it. And I have.
Phew - two blog-posts in a day. I need a nap.
And there we go - it's not really short any more...


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