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Through the Looking Glass....

So why did it take 40 years to figure it out? I consider myself to be pretty intelligent, extremely observant, and a fairly good judge of character - how did I miss this about myself? With hindsight, I can look back and see all the obvious things that make sense now, but I haven't yet figured out whether it would have been a good or a bad thing to know when I was younger - I am mostly glad I think, that I pushed myself waaaaay out of my comfort zone, 'cos it just seemed like a thing that had to be done to keep up with everyone else. If I'd had all the knowledge then that I have now, I think I would have become a(n even more) melancholy musician who couldn't 'conform' in any way. I'm still not a sheep, but I live in conformity and harmony to a degree that works for me, and keeps me sane.. (and allows me to spend my life with an Extrovert!) Reality is, until I came across Susan Cain's book 'Quiet' , I'd genuinely never considered even va