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Woah - How did I get here?

Oh..... hi.....✋😊 You probably found me via a search for either 'Introvert' or 'Extrovert', right? Yeah, I'm a little bit obsessed with both concepts since discovering I was an Introvert at the tender age of Forty-three... (I'll get to that story later) If you're an Introvert living with an Extrovert, read on to discover how it's not you, it's everyone. - If you're an Extrovert living with an Introvert, stop rolling your eyes ( I saw you!), and read on, cos you're about to get the best insight into how to better understand your OH and discover that what you consider to be 'wrong with them', is actually just different to you, but applicable to about half of the world, so maybe you should listen up - chances are half the people you interact or work with are also Introverts, and it might just be the learning experience that helps you get that next promotion... Cos we are EVERYWHERE! 😉 Would have been good to understand a bit