Blog writing - who is it for?


I often wonder who I write this for. 

It is for me? Is it for the other Introverts out there who happen to find themselves confused and married to an Extravert, and frantically started googling looking for help?

Most likely it was for myself, initially, to have a place to put my thoughts. It's become my journal I suppose.

I've loved writing for so many years, but not been able to dedicate any real time to it. whether it was writing stories at school (my poor mum, the times she had to go into my primary school and explain to the teacher that the stories I wrote were completely made up and I hadn't actually for example, been viciously attacked by a dog in my pram as a baby..), writing letters to friends and family as I grew up and left home, and then when social media and the internet took over, I gravitated there and began finding my way around the new shorter forms of communication. 

Some were more formal - I had to do lots of writing through work, sales and marketing communications, job applications, and oh the fun I used to have writing complaint letters to customer service departments 🤭!

But now that I find myself wanting to take it more seriously and therefore be more consistent with it, I realise I need to actually show it to people... 


Just to give you some context if you are an extravert..

This is a bit confronting for me. It's the equivalent of asking me to go stand out in the middle of my street in my underwear for a few hours and wave at the traffic as it goes by. (also not happening)

So - I've been taking some big deep breaths, and being brave. I shared my blog quietly on my business socials and website last week. And told a few friends about it. Which is pretty huge for me. And then I had a massive overthinking panic attack, and went all the way back to the start of this blog and re-edited the whole thing at 5.30am today 🤣🤦‍♀️!

On the plus side - it's still here!
And I'm still awake.
And I've written another episode. So these are all good signs that we might just survive this latest crisis of confidence..

Hopefully see you again soon!


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