Holidays: A Confusing Enigma?

I find holidays to be such a conflict for me, as an introvert.

On the one hand, I am in desperate need of a break from the everyday 'stuff', but on the other hand, having no routine is quite stressful for me!

If I had no-one else to think about, I'd likely be ok, but having a family to keep entertained and, well - alive, makes it a constant barrage of decisions to be made 🤪🤯. I wouldn't change my family for anything, but I do need to get better at giving myself the breaks that I need. Maybe I need to take time off during school terms, while Mr Extrovert is at work - take a week off and just zone out staring out at my garden, until I actually get bored and then I can get on with my favourite pastimes - reading and writing.

You can see from how infrequent this blog is, how often I manage to sit down and write. Not that the notion doesn't cross my mind, often. I'm also writing two books at the moment - started one of them in 2016, and could probably count on both hands how many times I've sat down to write.. Finding space in my head to think about anything other than work and. life seems to be damn near impossible.

Or maybe I'm avoiding it - good old fear of failure taking over. Imposter Syndrome rearing it's head, as it so often does. Is that a classic introvert thing, or does it happen to extroverts as well, and they just cover it up better - are they better at pretending to be confident? 😉

So I've decided to stop avoiding it, by writing a little bit, at least once a week. I'll hold myself accountable publicly... Let's see how that goes...


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